The Podium With Stairway Steps – Platform 2.0 M And Its Feature


As the number of people working at height is on the increase, so is the demand for high quality, efficient and reliable products to aid them in their work. Scaffold Online podium with stairway steps is a versatile podium platform designed to help such professionals complete tasks with ease and safety. It provides a safe working environment, allowing users to work from a height up to 2m tall comfortably and improves site productivity.

With an adjustable latching mechanism, the podium platform can be folded away quickly after use and can be moved easily from place to place. Also, it enables access to areas that are out of reach with an ergonomic structure which makes it easy and convenient to manoeuvre through tight spaces and stairs.

Features of The Podium With Stairway Steps – Platform 2.0 M 

Podium Frame

A welded aluminium alloy (6061-T6) frame with a rung gap of 50 cm and vertical tube thickness of 2.5 mm. The top rail is made from anodized aluminium with an attractive design that is both functional and sturdy. The platform has a maximum weight capacity of 150 kg/m2 and can hold up to 500 kgs weight before bending or breaking (the weight limit applies to each step).

The podium comes with a rubber foot at the bottom end to protect your flooring against scratches or damages due to heavy traffic on it. The aluminium alloy frame is corrosion resistant and weather resistant making it suitable for outdoor use as well as indoor use.

Frame Connection

Spigot joint, designed through cold forming, is an integral part of a vertical tube (thickness of 2.5 mm) and is used to connect the frames to give maximum strength amid the whole podium platform structure. The spigot joint is connected by a threaded bar that passes through the tube and is tightened with a nut. The nut is welded to the frame, which gives additional strength to this connection point.

The Welding Process

The TIG welding method used by Scaffold Online podium steps Dubai manufacturer is very popular in joining two pieces of metal together. It involves using a non-consumable tungsten electrode to heat the metal to be welded, then flowing a filler rod of the same metal into the joint to form the weld.

TIG welding produces a high quality of weld-finish with precise control of heat variables (via amperage controls), leaving no slag or splatter, keeping weld and surrounding metal as clean as possible. The podium platform 2.0 M is designed to work in the most extreme weather conditions without affecting the quality of the welds.

Standard Platform

The Podium With Stairway Steps – Platform 2.0 M is a working platform made of water-resistant and anti-slip wood. It has aluminium frames all around for the perfect fitting. The sectionalized design allows for easy installation and disassembly, which is why it is used in all kinds of events such as concerts and sports competitions. It comes with a solid base that is stable and sturdy.

The Wind-Lock Safety Mechanism

The wind-lock safety system is to hold the structure from accidental lift. The wind-lock mechanism is a unique feature of the podium platform and it is used to secure the platform in place. It consists of a set of 4 locking pins that are automatically released when you step onto the platform, this prevents you from accidentally falling off if you lose your footing.

The Wind-Lock System is designed with a self-latching safety gate that ensures that your gate will always be locked when you are on the platform, providing excellent protection against accidental opening. The gate is also fully enclosed, which ensures that no one can reach in and open it while you are working at height. This means you can concentrate fully on what needs to be done without worrying about anyone opening your gate by mistake.

Podium Stabilizer

The stabilizer is designed to be used at the two corners of the podium platform. It has a rubberized anti-slip pad to empower safety against sliding off. The pad can also be removed for cleaning or replacement if needed. The stabilizer has a unique design that is easy to install and remove.

Castor Wheels

Available in 15 cm with adjustable-leg up to 60 cm, the podium platform 2.0 M has castor wheels that constitute dual-pedal braking for easy operation. The castors are made of metal and have a diameter of 50 mm, which provides optimum stability, especially when the platform is used for heavy loads. In addition, these castors have been designed to enable lateral movement of the podium platform in order to facilitate its positioning on uneven surfaces.

Convenient Replacement

The podium platform is a convenient replacement for the traditional stairway. This is a reliable choice of strong aluminum frame and safe elevation of podium steps at higher height. The platform is designed to be used in any space where there is a need for safe access to high areas. It comes with an easy-to-use design that makes it easy for you to use it without any trouble.

Design and Resistant

The podium platform uses a unique design that allows you to easily open the gate from both sides. It has an opening mechanism that is easy to use and it is not complicated. You can also close the gate from both sides, which is very convenient for anyone who wants to use it.

It has a stable flanged step design that makes it very stable when you are using it. The steps do not slip or move around, which makes them very comfortable to use. This is especially important if you want to use the podium in bad weather conditions or when there are slippery surfaces underneath your feet.

Top Benefit of The Podium Platform 

The increasingly high-tech interior construction sector requires accessibility equipment as it becomes an increasingly viable solution for business innovation. Podium platforms have been constructed to meet these demands, and are emerging as a smart choice due to their innovativeness, affordability and flexibility.

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