Aluminum Beam Supplier

Sourcing beams from a reliable aluminum beam supplier is one of the most important parts of any building construction. The aluminum beam is a crucial component to a building's structure, and it needs to be strong enough to hold up the weight of the rest of the building.

Aluminum beams are usually made from extruded aluminum, which is stronger than other forms of aluminum. The strength of extruded aluminum makes it ideal for use in buildings and structures that require extra support.

The metal used for beams can also be mild steel or galvanized steel, but these types of metal have less tensile strength than aluminum does, so they may not be as effective for supporting heavy loads on top of them.

Most buildings today use a combination of different materials when it comes to their construction because it allows them to achieve better results overall. For example, some buildings may use concrete as a base material while others may use brick or stone blocks instead; this helps prevent damage from occurring during earthquakes or other natural disasters that could cause cracks in foundations (or worse!).

Quality, innovation and reliability are three key areas that we consider when choosing the best aluminum beam suppliers in the UAE. We have worked with many different suppliers over the years and have found that some of them have been more reliable than others.

We believe that it is important to choose a supplier who has all three of these qualities because this will ensure that we get the best product possible. A company that can provide us with quality products will always be able to meet or exceed our expectations.

We are the best aluminum beam supplier in the UAE. Our aluminum beams are made from high-quality aluminum and are available in different sizes, shapes, and thicknesses. Our products come in various profiles and we have two types to choose from: Aluminum S-150

 And Aluminum Beam T-150. Our beams can be customized according to your requirements.

We offer T-150 beams which are highly resistant to bending and twisting. The timber weight is 0.75 kg/m, while the weight of the profile with timber is 3.90 kg/m and without timber is 3.15 kg/m. The area of this beam varies between 11.89 cm 2 and 12.07 cm 2. The moment of resistance is 6.80 KN m , while the inertia XX and YY vary between 370 cm 4 and 44 cm 4 respectively.

Aluminum T-150 aluminum beams are the most popular size in our range of aluminum beams. They have a cross-section of 150mm x 50mm, with a thickness of 3.0mm. They are the strongest option and can support loads up to 13KN per meter of length. This makes them ideal for use in both residential and commercial construction projects, as well as for longer spans. The additional thickness makes them more resistant to warping or bending with time than thinner beams would be, so they're also more durable than other options on the market today.

Getting the right aluminum beams which will fit any type of construction is essential. Finding a supplier that knows how to best help you out with what you need is a must. A full-service aluminum beam supplier like Scaffold Online is an excellent choice for those looking for a way to make their next construction project move forward with the least amount of hassle.