Double Width (140 cm x 255 cm) Stairway Tower – Platform 10.5 m

ASCEND has a versatile unit of stairway which can easily convert mobile tower components into Mobile Stairway Tower (140 cm x 255 cm)  with platform height 10.5 m and safe landing by every 2 meters. The stairway ladder placement can be done either in zigzag form or alternatively as parallel. The product is available in 20 cm adjustable wheel.



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Platform 10.5 m



Span Frame: A welded aluminum alloy (6061-T6) frame with rung gap of 50 cm and vertical tube thickness of 2.5 mm.
Ladder Frame: Integrated seven-step industrial ladder with stepping gap of 28 cm is welded to aluminum alloy (6061-T6) frame.
Frame Connection: Spigot joint, designed through cold forming, is an integral part of vertical tube (thickness of 2.5 mm) and is used to connect the frames (Span/Ladder) to give maximum strength amid the whole tower structure.
Crimping of Brace: The Z configure (Horizontal/Diagonal) bracing enables a quick trouble free assembly while providing firm and stable structure with all the sides crimping to resist tension and torque loads.
TIG Welding: Produces a high quality of weld-finish with precise control of heat variables (via amperage controls), leave no slag or splatter, keeping weld and surrounding metal as clean as possible.
Scaffold Platform: Working platform, made of water-resistant and anti-slip wood, has aluminum frames all around for the perfect fitting of toe-board. The platform is available in two kinds i.e. standard and trapdoor.
Locking Mechanism: The wind-lock safety system is to hold the platform from accidental lift and the use of locking-pin is to prevent unintended removal of frames. The self-locking hook fits automatically onto the rungs to support more than 220 degree covered-area for a perfectly stable tower.
Tower Stabilizer: Triangular stabilizer is designed to use at the four corners of scaffold. It can also be adjusted in a telescopic manner to form a free standing tower along rubberized anti-slip pad to empower safety against sliding off.
Castor Wheel: Available in 15/20 cm fixed-jack (F-Wheel) or with adjustable-leg (A-Wheel) up to 30 cm and constitutes dual-pedal braking for easy operation. The wheels are also available in solid nylon material, termed as White Nylon Castor Wheels.


Overall Width Overall Length Platform Height Tower Height Work Height Max Load
140 cm 255 cm 1050 cm 1180 cm 1280 cm 250 kg/Deck


Component Size Quantity
Walk-Thru 140 cm x 200 cm 1
Span Frame 3 Rungs 140 cm x 150 cm 2
Span Frame 4 Rungs 140 cm x 200 cm 9
Horizontal Brace 255 cm 12
Diagonal Brace 275 cm 14
Standard Platform 256.50 cm 1
Trapdoor Platform 256.50 cm 1
Handrail Top 230 cm 1
Handrail Left 276.50 cm 5
Handrail Right 170 cm 4
Stairway 300 cm 5
Toe-Board Set 118 cm x 244 cm 1
Stabilizer 600 cm 4
Wheel Adjustable 20 cm 4
Snap Pin  Standard 20


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