Fiberglass Tower – Double Width (140 cm x 200 cm) – Platform 3.0 m

ASCEND fiberglass double-width (140 cm x 200 cm) scaffold tower platform 3.0 m, with its non-conductive elegant design and non-corrosive smooth finish, provides high resistance when working around power lines where aluminum products are unsafe to use.




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Platform 3.0 m



- Nanotechnology adopted for more stable and durable structure with dielectric strength of 220 KV and provides high resistance when working around power lines.
- The horizontal and diagonal braces with diagonal ligaments provide double-guarantee in firmly connecting the parts to form a stable structure.
- European standard caster wheels, conveniently work at different sites, pedal brakes are used to control fixation and movement of wheels.
- Maximum loading capacity of 720 kg with 4-5 operators to work at the same time which can largely improve the working efficiency.
- 3.2 mm thickness with tube-diameter of 50.8 mm ensures anti-twist and anti-deformation performance for indoor/outdoor use.
- Main tubes are made of reinforced fiberglass which are non-conductive and resistance to spark, sealing, and corrosion.
- Mainly combined with 3 and 4 Rungs Frame, time and labor cost-saving when installing and disassembling. 
- Easy to carry and transport, and convenient storage when disassembled.
- In compliance with EN-1004.


Overall Width Overall Length Platform Height Tower Height Work Height Net Weight Max Load
140 cm 200 cm 300 cm 430 cm 530 cm 199.12 kg 250 kg/Deck


Component Size Quantity
Fiberglass Frame (Non Ladder) U4 - 4 Rungs 135 cm Wide 2
Fiberglass Frame (Ladder) U4 - 4 Rungs  135 cm Wide 2
Fiberglass Horizontal Brace 200 cm 10
Fiberglass Diagonal Brace 200 cm 6
Fiberglass Platform (Non-Open) 200 cm 1
Fiberglass Platform (Opening) 200 cm 2
Toe-Board Set 118 cm x 196 cm 1
Stabilizer Standard 4
Wheel Adjustable 20 cm 4



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