Cuplock System

Cup-lock Vertical Standard


The captive mobile top-cups are designed to endure rough site handling with welded bottom-cups made of high quality steel. And it can be used as a base structure for formwork support applications and in access scaffolding applications.

Cup-lock Horizontal Ledger


The product is a horizontal component of cup-lock system, having forged blade ends with minimum projection to avoid site damage. It can be used to connect at the bottom-cup and the corresponding top-cups of vertical standard.

Base Plate


The product can be used as a base at the bottom of jack to support necessary balance to the workload. It  provides full bearing surface for the load distribution from the vertical standard.


Intermediate Transoms


The product can be used to provide intermediate support for scaffold boards by spanning between two horizontal ledgers. And, it has an integral locking mechanism to prevent dislocation when in use.

Decking Beam


The product is fabricated using lightweight steel sheet (2 mm / 2.5 mm) bent into a box-type and reinforced with lattice (made of steel rods). It holds the weight of decking materials placed, and supported on both the ends by adjustable props and standard verticals.

Adjustable U-Head Jack


The product is designed to be rust-free with high breaking strength, and in hot-dip galvanized or painted finish form. It is available in different specifications to match the requirements and can be customized to handle specific need.


Infill Beam


The product can be used as a secondary element, placing at right-angle to decking beam and steel-ply forms on top to support concrete pouring. It is designed to use along decking beams to provide a transom support for plywood decking (of most standard sizes).

Universal Jack


The product is manufactured from high-quality alloy steel with thickness of 38 mm x 4 mm Outside Diameter (OD). It is available in galvanized, hot-dip galvanized, or painted finish form.


Steel Connector


The product can be used as accessory to attach a vertical standard on top of an existing one and bolted together using 10 x 60 nut bolt to secure. It is made of high-quality square steel tube (30 mm x 30 mm) with a connector length of 300 mm and wall thickness of 3 mm.

Telescopic Steel Prop Jack


The product is used to support concrete elements with collar located below the steel pin to give proper adjustment for leveling. It is available in light (LD) and heavy (HD) duty material.

Single & Double Push-Pull Props


The product consists of outer and inner pipe, sleeve, two nuts, locking pin and base adaptor. It is fitted through back face of steel solider to support wall and beams.


Scaffold Tube

AED 12.5

The product is a combination of Electric Resistance Welded (ERW) Steel Tubes with Couplers to upright a strong structure. It is available from 3 m to 6 m sizes, with tube-diameter of 48.3 mm, and tube-thickness of 3.2 mm / 4 mm.


Light and Medium Duty Props


The product provides the most ideal and economical support for variety of formworks to slabs, beams, walls and columns. It is manufactured using high standard material with high quality primed and painted finish for a longer life.